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Industrial Flexible Ducting

Plascorp are Australian manufacturers and distributors of flexible ducting, whose products are available through an extensive distribution network developed over 50 years.

Plascorp's ducting is lightweight, flexible and easy to install - constructed from continuous wire and encapsulated with materials including PVC, rubber or polyurethane. This construction is durable and offers very good flow characteristics. More>>>

Composite Hose

Plascorp's composite hose is used for petroleum based products and the transfer of chemicals, acids, and alkalis in tankers, chemicals, refineries and for other industrial applications. Plascorp has been manufacturing thermoplastic composite hose for over 50 years, with products available through an extensive distribution network developed over this period. Our composite hose construction results in a lightweight and flexible hose. More>>>

Mine Ventilation Ducting

Plascorp's mining products are constructed from polyethylene woven coated fabric or polyester coated PVC. Plascorp's manufacturing procedure incorporates our patented process Stitchweld Mineflat. This innovation vastly reduces air loss by way of top and bottom welded seams.

Plascorp's Stitchweld product has demonstrated a longer life span by eliminating weld tear and delamination. Plascorp's product is used in mines all over the world and we can supply all of your ventilation needs, including supporting the installation design of your ventilation system for underground mining. More>>>

Reinforcing Bar and Mesh

Plascorp are distributors and suppliers of reinforcing bar and mesh, processed bar, steel reinforcement bar, accessories and builders film including in-house estimating and scheduling. Plascorp carries a wide range of building products including reinforcing bar and mesh, and unlike many other distributors, Plascorp carries large stocks in all of our distribution centers. All of Plascorp's products comply with the relevant Australian Standards with all of our steel reinforcing stock bar sourced from steel mills certified by the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels Limited ("ACRS") in respect of those particular bars. More>>>

UPVC Pipe, DWV Pipe, Stormwater Pipe, Pressure Pipe, Borecasing & Electrical Conduit

With over 30 years of industry experience, Plascorp is a national manufacturer, distributor and supplier of the highest quality drilling pipe, borecasing, threaded & slotted pipe, and blast environmental pipe. Plascorp manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of UPVC pipe for use in irrigation, mining, drainage, water supply and in civil market sectors throughout Australia. Our main products include pressure pipe, borecasing, stormwater pipe, DWV sewer pipe, electrical conduit and vacuum pipe. More>>>

Galvanised Steel Conduit

In addition to our range of PVC electrical conduits, Plascorp also offers a full range of galvanised steel conduits. Our galvanized steel conduit complies with Australian Standard AS/NZ 2053.7:2002 and has also been independently tested by ITACS, an Adelaide based NATA registered certification and testing service provider, who is recognised worldwide.

AS/NZ 2053.7:2002 allows for both medium protection zinc coating (100 grams per square metre outside and inside) and high protection hot-dipped zinc coating (300 grams per square metre outside and inside). More>>>

Underground Cable Cover, Rural & Blueline Poly, Drainage Coil

Plascorp has been supplying underground cable cover for over 10 years. We manufacture, distribute and supply rural poly in all sizes from 3/4" to 2" with blue poly available in 20mm, 50mm, 63mm, 100mm and other sizes as requested.

Slotted and socked drainage coil is available in lengths including; 20m x 100mm, 100m x 100mm and other sizes as requested. All cable cover supplied by Plascorp is AS4702-2000 compliant and we supply all roll lengths and widths to our customer's specifications from 20m to 150m. All Plascorp cable cover is clearly printed AS4702-2000 compliant, and provides strong visible protection as the cover strip for electrical installation. More>>>

Container Liners

As a member of the Australian Hide, Skin & Leather Exporters Association, if you are shipping hides, corrosive or contaminated materials, Plascorp has four container liners that absorb/contain brine, which can cause environmental and equipment damage.

Our Plascorp container liner range includes; Plascorp TUFF our strongest & most popular liner, Plascorp MAX, Plascorp DURA & Plascorp ECONO. Plascorp's container liners are suitable for shipping any palletized or pre-packaged cargo. More>>>

Corporate Profile

Plascorp locations

Head Office and Factory
45 Chambers Rd Altona North VIC 3025
P (03) 9391 4011
F (03) 9391 3963
PO Box 2 Altona North VIC 3025

WA Distribution Centre
32 Clune St Bassendean WA 6054
P (08) 9379 8922
F (08) 9379 8933

Brisbane Distribution Centre
45 Holland Street Northgate QLD 4013
P (07) 3266 9988
F (07) 3266 9866